• Amazing-Adventures-Ribbon-Cutting-w625.jpg
      Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting for Amazing Adventures Travel Agency
    • La-Mexicana-Ribbon-Cutting-w625.jpg
      Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting for La Mexicana Market & Restaurant
    • Beyond-Boundaries-Ribbon-Cutting-w625.jpg
      Ribbon Cutting & Grand Opening for Beyond Boundaries Travel Agency
    • Stockholm-Pie-Ribbon-Cutting-w625.jpg
      Stockholm Pie's Pie Plate Cafe Ribbon Cutting
    • building-blocks-ribbon-cutting-w625.jpg
      Building Blocks Childcare & Learning Center Ribbon Cutting
    • Food-Shelf-Big-Check-Presentation-w625.jpg
      "Big Check" Presentation to the Red Wing Area Food Shelf
    • Winger-Nutrition-w625.jpg
      Winger Nutrition Ribbon Cutting
    • Splash-Pad-Ribbon-Cutting-w625.jpg
      Red Wing's Splash Pad Ribbon Cutting
    • Randys-Ribbon-Cutting-w625.jpg
      Randys 50 Year Celebration Ribbon Cutting
    • Simple-ribbon-1-w625.jpg
      Kiki's Retirement & Grand Re-Opening Ribbon Cutting for Simple Abundance
    • Ribbon-Cutting-Matthew-Theis-w625.jpg
      Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting for Matthew Theis, Edward Jones
    • 2019---April---Red-Wing-Restyle-Ribbon-Cutting-w625.jpg
      Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting at Red Wing Restyle & Tootsie Too' s on April 12, 2019
    • 2019---March---CARE-Clinic-Ribbon-Cutting.jpg
      Ribbon Cutting & Open House Event at CARE Clinic on March 30, 2019
    • 2019---March---BAH-at-Merchants-Bank---2-w625.jpg
      Business After Hours at Merchants Bank on March 19, 2019
    • 2019---March---Women's-Hall-of-Fall---2-w3018-w625.jpg
      2019 Inductees into the Red Wing Women's Hall of Fame - Patty Brown, Robin Wipperling (posthumous Frances Densmore), and Katie Hardyman
    • 2019---February---BAH-at-Exit-Realty-Rivertown-w625.jpg
      Business After Hours at Exit Realty Rivertown on February 19, 2019
    • 2018---December---Holiday-Innw625.jpg
      Ribbon Cutting at Holiday Inn Express & Suites on December 13, 2018
    • EV-Ribbon-Cutting-w625.jpg
      EV Charging Station Ribbon Cutting
    • 2018---October---Ribbon-Cutting-at-Makerspace-w625.jpg
      Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening of Red Wing Makerspace Event 10/30/18
    • 2018-October-Ribbon-Cutting-Phileo-Style-w625.jpg
      Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting at Phileo Style on October 25, 2018
    • 2018---October---Lunch-and-Learn-w625.jpg
      Lunch & Learn - Trade Show Marketing Presented and Sponsored by Brenda Stelter on October 10, 2018
    • 2018---September---Lunch-and-Learn-w625.jpg
      Lunch & Learn - Cyber Security and Scams, Sponsored and Presented by Lance Garrick, Computers On The Go, on September 19, 2018
    • 2018---September-BAH-w625.jpg
      Business After Hours at Lawrence Realty and North Risk Partners/C.O. Brown Division on September 18, 2018
    • 2018-BAH-Lawrence-Cake--w625.jpg
      Congratulations Lawrence Realty on 70 Years! Business After Hours September 18, 2018
    • 2018---September---Family-Fare-w625.jpg
      Grand Re-Opening of Family Fare Supermarket on September 12, 2018
    • 2018---August---Grand-Opening-at-Gina-Ripppentrop-Photography-w625.jpg
      Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting at Gina Rippentrop Photography on August 16, 2918
    • 2018---August---Grand-Opening-at-Sievers-Creative---2-w625.png
      Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting at Siever's Creative on August 16, 2018
    • 2018---August---Ribbon-Cutting-at-Tinta-Wita-Tipi-Senior-Living-w625.jpg
      Ribbon Cutting at Tinta Wita Tipi Senior Living on August 14, 2018
    • 2018---August---Special-Event---Slumberland---2-w625.jpg
      AM Expresso at Slumberland on August 10, 2018
    • 2018---August---Walmart-Ribbon-Cutting-w625.jpg
      Grand Re-Opening & Ribbon Cutting of Walmart on August 3, 2018
    • 2018---July---Ethos-Ribbon-Cutting.JPG-w625.jpg
      Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting at Ethos Performance Training & Physical Therapy on July 20, 2018
    • 2018---July---BaH-at-FFMB-w625.jpg
      Business After Hours at First Farmers & Merchangs Bank on July 17, 2018
    • 2018---July---AM-Expresso-at-Mahn-w625.jpg
      AM Expresso at Mahn Family Funeral & Cremation Services on July 13, 2018
    • 2018---July---Grand-Opening-for-Healing-Arts-Red-Wing-w625.jpg
      Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting for Healing Arts Red Wing on July 11, 2018
    • 2018---June---CCF-Bank-Grand-Opening-and-Ribbon-Cutting-w625.jpg
      Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting for CCF Bank on June 28, 2018
    • 2018---June---Falk-Auto-Body-60th-Anniversary-w625.jpg
      60th Anniversary Celebration at Falk Auto Body on June 25, 2018
    • 2017---Red-Wing-Bluff-Picture.jpg
      Picture of Bluff in Red Wing, Minnesota (Picture taken by Tom Hughes)

    Did You Miss the Candidate Forums? You Can Watch Them!
    The League of Woman Voters, Prairie Island Indian Community and the Red Wing Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a series of local Candidate Forums that took place in Central Park. If you missed attending the forums, you can watch them on Channel 6 at 3PM on a rotating schedule with all the candidate forums every day until election day! (except Saturdays, they’re at 5PM). Or you can visit vote411.org and see them, or visit https://www.youtube.com/playlist


    Dear Red Wing Business Community,

    We realize these are very challenging and unprecedented times for everyone and the situation is fluid. We will do our best to help our business community stay informed with accurate and up to date information and help businesses navigate their way through these challenging times. If you have questions or concerns about your business, please let us know. We will get through this together!

    Patty Brown
    Executive Director

    Good News for Restaurants and Hospitality Industry from Commissioner Steve Grove, DEED--October 8, 2020

    Effective IMMEDIATELY! The Minnesota Department of Health released updated guidance increasing the table size for restaurants and bars.

    The guidance includes the following specific points:

    • Party size in dining rooms has been expanded to 10 people per table (increased from 4 people).
    • No distinction needed if people are family members or not.
    • Party size in bar area tables, limited to 4 persons.
    • Requires patrons in all areas to be seated.

    The change to expand parties of 10 or fewer, while continuing to social distance at least six feet between tables, will allow restaurants more flexibility to optimize space as they serve customers. We know based on your feedback that with the weather getting colder and the holiday season approaching, this change will provide some new revenue opportunities for restaurants.

    Minnesotans have a strong sense of the common good. They know that taking commonsense health and safety steps help to slow the spread of COVID19, and in turn save lives. This change to allow more people at a table or in a party is based on this strong sense of personal responsibility to our community and, we are confident that Minnesotans – young and old – will do the right thing to keep themselves and others safe.

    We believe this small change will provide restaurants a needed degree of flexibility without markedly increasing the risk. We’ll continue to partner with our colleagues at the Minnesota Department of Health to monitor the trajectory of the virus in Minnesota and respond accordingly.

    Steve Grove, Commissioner MN Department of Employment & Economic Development (DEED)

    Is Your Face Mask Keeping You Safe?—Face Masks vs. Face Shields

    The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present an unprecedented and ever-evolving challenge to our communities, our businesses, and our residents. Goodhue County Health & Human Services is working to educate and inform our communities, businesses and residents on the latest information and practices so we all can stay safe and healthy, and our businesses can stay open.

    Recently there have been new and unique types of face shields being introduced onto the market. One style, a “Bottom Up” face shield, is being marketed as a type that may be used. This type of shield wraps around the face, usually has some type of chin support, tightens to your ears, but has a large gap between the top of the shield and the forehead. While it is more comfortable and easier to wear for long periods of time, the “Bottom Up” face shield does not provide the necessary protection because of the large gap between the nose and the top of the head.

    Goodhue County Health & Human Services recommends face masks (which can include paper or disposable masks, cloth masks, a neck gaiter, a scarf, a bandanna, or a religious face covering) be worn. If wearing a face mask is problematic, it is okay to wear a face shield, however, the shield must extend below the chin and to the ears and there should not be an exposed gap between the forehead and the shield’s headpiece. MDH recommends people use some type of face mask and if they have medical or behavior health issues, to use a face shield that attaches to the top of the head, extends down below the chin and to the ears. If you have questions, please contact David Anderson at 651-385-6148 or by email at david.anderson@goodhue.mn.us

    Statewide Mask Mandate Effective July 25
    July 22, 2020, Governor Tim Walz announced Executive Order 20-81. This order requires face coverings in indoor spaces and public buildings including businesses and retail stores, and in similar outdoor settings where social distancing is not possible. This mandate will go into effect on July 25.

    Signage will be required at businesses. Retailers will be required to make a reasonable effort to educate non-compliant customers. Retailers will be required to deal with non-compliant customers in a manner similar to how they would deal with any other non-compliant customers relative to store policy.

    Any business or other impacted party that blatantly disregards the order will be subject to penalties including up to a $1,000 fine or by imprisonment for not more than 90 days.

    Business obligations, what a face covering is, and exemptions can be found here: https://www.health.state.mn.us/diseases/coronavirus/facecover.html

    Impacted businesses are required to update their COVID-19 preparedness plan accordingly. Preparedness Plan Requirement Guidance for retail stores can be found here: https://mn.gov/deed/assets/reopening-minnesotas-consumer-facing-businesses_tcm1045-431883.pdf

    Exemptions to the mask mandate include: children under 2 who must never wear masks due to risk of suffocation; children 2-5 are not required to wear face coverings, people with medical or health conditions, strenuous work, and more. (Retailers are not required to verify health conditions.)

    In summary, businesses are required to:

    1. Ensure workers and customers are masked.
    2. Update COVID-19 preparedness plans to reflect the masking requirement.
    3. Treat non-compliant customers as you would any other customer violating a store policy.
    4. Post signage indicating masking is required.

    MN DEED is providing masks via Chambers of Commerce throughout the state. The Red Wing Area Chamber of Commerce will distribute FREE masks to all residents and businesses in Goodhue County. If your business needs masks, call or stop into the Chamber and pick some up for your business. Hours are Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM.


    Updates from Mayo Clinic Health System Southeast Minnesota

    On behalf of local leadership, below are updates as of October 9, 2020 that may be of interest to you and your networks. Please share any or all of this information in your community. Mayo Clinic COVID-19-related news and information is continuously updated on the Mayo Clinic News Network and the Mayo Clinic Health System COVID-19 webpage. If you have questions or would like more information on a particular topic, please email SEMNCE@mayo.edu.

    Important updates to note:

    • COVID-19 | Back to Basics
      The number of COVID-19 cases is surging in some regions and retreating in others – stay informed of community spread to assess your risk and make informed decisions.  Everyone can help to slow the spread of disease with these basic tips:   

      Handwashing 101: Did you know good old-fashioned soap has superpowers? Learn the science behind how soap works to destroy the COVID-19 Virus.  And while we’re talking about hand-washing and limiting the spread of viruses – to be effective – it has to be done the right way. Get a one-minute refresher.

      Mask up like a pro: Wearing a face mask is one important intervention, but like vaccines and hand-washing, masks alone aren’t perfect. Add them together, and you’re developing a shield. Learn how different masks work and the right way to put on and take off a mask.  

      Contract tracing:  Contract tracing is an important tool the health department uses to lower the risk of infectious diseases from spreading further. Each person who is positive for COVID-19 are asked about people they’ve recently had close contact with. For COVID-19 contact tracing, a close contact is someone who’s been within 6 feet of a person with COVID-19 for 15 minutes of more within two days of the person’s diagnosis. This process is anonymous and confidential. Learn more.
    • World Mental Health Day | October 10
      For many people, 2020 has been a year of multiple changes and stress-inducing situations.  All of this can affect your mental and physical health. Tomorrow is World Mental Health Day and you are encouraged to check in with yourself to assess your mental health as you survive the imperfect storm that is 2020.  Learn more.

      Stress, Anxiety & Resilience Resources for Families:  Many children are feeling a high level of situational stress – increased worry, nervousness, anger, sadness or frustration. The Mayo Clinic Family Stress Resource Center is a free program designed for kids, teens and families to build resilience and work together to overcome stressful situations.

      Free Education Opportunity for Seniors: Learn how seniors can maintain social distance without increasing risks of social isolation.  Activities will be shared that can increase individual well-being.  Join us for a Health Talk Webinar (via Zoom) on Thursday, October 15 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  Learn more.
    • FLU SEASON:  Put up your best defense
      Now, more than ever, it’s important to put up your best defense by scheduling a flu vaccine (recommended for everyone age 6 months or older). With Mayo Clinic Health System it’s easy, self-schedule through Patient Online Services or by phone.

      Translated Resources Available:  Flu vaccine flyers are now available in a printable PDF for Arabic, Karen, Somali and Spanish and include locations where vaccine is available in your community –  email SEMNCE@mayo.edu to get yours today!   



    COVID-19 Quick Links:

    Sign-Up for our COVID-19 Newsletter  •  Follow us on Facebook  •  Self-Assessment Tool  •  Mayo Clinic COVID-19 Map  •  Mayo Clinic News Network  •  Mayo Clinic Health System COVID-19  •  MN Dept of Health  •  MN.gov/covid19

    For questions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, call 651-297-1304 or 1-800-657-3504  Monday-Friday 8AM--4:30PM

    Reminder: Businesses Deemed Critical (Open Throughout The Pandemic) Are Required To Have A COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

    All businesses that were deemed critical and have been open throughout the pandemic must have a COVID-19 preparedness plan by June 29. By this date a plan must be accessible to customers and employees. The Administration released updated guidance that can be accessed here. This webpage includes both an updated preparedness plan template with instructions and retail-related guidance.
    Retail guidance can be found here: https://staysafe.mn.gov/industry-guidance/retail.jsp
    Guidance for other industries can be found here: https://staysafe.mn.gov/industry-guidance/index.jsp

    As part of business preparedness plans, the Red Wing Area Chamber of Commerce recommends businesses do the following:

    • Maintain at least 6-foot social distance from others.
    • Require Customers to wear masks (State Mandate effective July 25, 2020).
    • Require Employees to wear masks (State Mandate effective July 25, 2020).
    • Frequent hand washing.
    • Frequent cleanings of high touch surfaces.
    • If you’re sick or feeling symptoms, please isolate yourself and stay home.
    • Follow CDC and MDH guidelines.

    COVID-19 Updates from MN Department of Health—October 16, 2020

    39.1 Million Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Globally;  1.1 Million Deaths

    8.04 Million Confirmed COVID-19 Cases United States;  218,000 Deaths

    117,000 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Minnesota;  2,252 Deaths

    477 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Goodhue County
    58 Active Cases
    408 Released from isolation
    25 Requiring hospitalization; 1 case currently hospitalized
    7 admitted to ICU
    11 Deaths

    Updated Business Operations & Hours as of 9-4-20.

    Arts & Entertainment, Lodging, Recreation & Tourism
    • AmericInn of Red Wing is open for business.
    • Anderson Center Galleries and offices are open.  The new Gallery hours will be Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 11AM-4PM, Thursday’s 11AM-7PM.
    • Bierstube Bowling is closed but Bierstube Restaurant is open Sunday-Thursday Noon-8PM, Friday-Saturday Noon-9PM.
    • Goodhue County Historical Society is open Tuesday–Friday 10AM-4PM, Saturday 10AM-3PM. Closed Sundays & Mondays.
    • Mississippi National Golf Links is open 7:30AM-8PM.
    • Moondance Inn is closed.
    • Mount Frontenac Golf Course is open 7am-Dusk.
    • Nichols Inn is open.
    • Pottery Museum of Red Wing is open Tuesday-Saturday 10AM-4PM; Sunday 10AM-3PM. Potters Hall Gift Store is open Tuesday-Sunday 10AM-3PM. We do recommend face masks. Please call 651.327.2220 for more information.
    • Red Wing Arts Office & Gallery is open. Hours: Thursdays & Fridays 12PM-4PM; Saturdays 10AM-5PM. If you would like a private appointment to visit, please feel free to call us at 651-388-7569 or email us at info@redwingarts.org.
    • Red Wing Cinema 8 is open.
    • Red Wing Golf Course is open.
    • Red Wing Marina is open.
    • Red Wing Visitor and Convention Bureau is open.
    • Sheldon Theatre has cancelled or postponed events.
    • St. James Hotel is open for guests.
    • Treasure Island Resort & Casino is open with limitations. Visit www.ticasino.com for more information about the return of additional amenities and what we are doing to keep our guests and team members safe.

    Beauty, Health & Wellness
    • Chris' Cuts is Open.
    • Ethos is open.
    • Every Day Pilates is open.
    • Fusion Dance studio is closed, but classes have been moved online for students.
    •Indigo Salon is open 8:30AM-5PM.
    •Innovative Chiropractic is open.
    • Mike’s Barber Shop is open by Appointment only.  https://booking.appointy.com/mikesbarbershop link will bring you to the booking website.
    • Pearle Vision is open Monday through Thursday from 9AM-7PM and Friday till 6PM. Call for appointments at 651-388-3838.
    • Potter Ridge Assisted Living is open via virtual tours and currently has openings. Call (651) 388-1546.
    • Refined Skin Medi-Spa is taking appointments for August. Call 651-388-9855 to schedule.
    • River Blu Salon DaySpa is Open.
    • S.W.A.T. ~ Salon With A Twist is Open 9AM-6:30PM.
    • TC Orthodontics is Open.
    • The Enhanced Image is Open.
    • Women’s Fitness Center is open. Staff is available 8AM-4PM Monday-Friday, or by appointment. Please wear a mask, gloves optional, maintain 6' distance. Call Delores for details: 651.388.9733.
    Employment Service, Financial, Insurance, Legal and Real Estate
    • Alliance Bank lobby is closed. The drive thru is open M-F, 8AM – 5PM. Mobile and online banking are also available. Please call 651-388-6001 for assistance.
    • Associated Bank is open with social distancing requirements in place. Regular hours.
    • Brandon Markoe Agency, State Farm is available via phone, text, or email. If you need to visit them, please call first.
    • CCF Bank’s lobby is closed until further notice. They have their drive thru available. Utilize alternative banking options such as online banking, mobile banking, mobile deposit, night depository, and ATM. Their local branch is available at 651-267-3941.
    • Collins Wealth Management is holding appointments remotely and can be reached at 651-385-2209.
    • Courtier Agency, LLC is open 7 days per week, 9AM-8PM. Call 651-388-8301 for information.
    • Discovery Financial is open with full staff in the office. The advisors are continuing to hold appointments by phone or video conference. Please call 651-388-9594.
    • Edina Realty is open M-TH 9AM-3:30PM, Friday 9AM-3PM; all other times by appointment.
    • Edward Jones, all offices, are holding all appointments over the phone or web conferencing. They are offering weekly Market Update webinars. Call 651-800-2032 to register for Michael Hosfeld or 651-212-6682 for Matt Theis.
    • Excel Financial physical offices in Red Wing and Hastings are closed. Operations are being conducted remotely. If you need assistance, please call 651-388-6441.
    • Exit Realty is open. Please call 388-2122 for appointments.
    • Express Employment is open with call in interviews.
    • First Farmers & Merchants Bank is open.
    • FMS Insurance is holding all appointments over the phone or web conferencing. Call 651-388-2743 or 1-866-571-2206.
    • Gregory Roe-Thrivent in the Armory Mall is available Monday-Friday 9AM-3:30PM. They are taking in-person appointments, Zoom appointments and phone appointments. Please call 651-385-0155 or email RoeTeam@thrivent.com.
    • Heritage Title is open daily 9AM-5PM. Entrance to lobby is by appointment only.
    • Knight Barry Title is open by appointment. Only necessary signors should attend closings.
    • Lawrence Realty is open. Please call 651-388-4745 for appointments.
    • Merchants Bank is open.
    • Musty-Barnhart is open for business and is available Monday-Friday 8AM-4:30PM. They are taking in-person appointments, Zoom appointments and phone appointments. Call them at 651-388-7128.
    • National Insurance Brokers-Simonson Agency are available by phone, text and email. Call for appointments at 651-327-2760.
    • North Risk Partners is open to the public. Please stay in lobby until you’re called for your appointment.
    • Northwestern Mutual-Mitch McNeil is working 100% remote. All meetings are phone or via Zoom until further notice.
    • Red Wing Credit Union is open.
    • River Town Financial Associates of Thrivent-Larry Hawe and Corey Hawe are open but will still meet with people via phone or virtually if that’s their comfort level. Call 651-327-2955 for appointments.
    • Smith, Schafer & Associates is open Monday-Thursday 8AM-5PM, Friday’s 8AM-Noon.
    • Sorensen Flexible Benefits, Ltd. and Sorensen’s AdvisorSquare Financial are open Monday-Friday at 318 Plum Street. Call for appointments at 651-388-7103.
    • Wells Fargo Bank Lobby is closed. Drive thru is open M-F, 9:30AM-4PM and 9AM-Noon on Saturdays. Call for appointments. Please use your mobile and online banking capabilities as much as possible.

    Nonprofit Organizations
    • American Legion Leo C. Peterson Post 54 is open.
    • CARE Clinic--please call 651-388-1022 before coming to the clinic. Many medical needs can be met through a phone consultation (including medication refills). The dental clinic is now open four days a week for preventive, restorative and urgent care. MNsure enrollment assistance is offered Monday through Thursday.
    • City of Red Wing Offices are closed to the public but will be maintaining services.
    • First Choice Clinic has resumed offering pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. Anyone requesting medical or material services must call 651-267-4357 and be pre-screened for COVID-19 and schedule an appointment or pick up time. No walk-ins are allowed. First Choice is offering emergency supplies (prenatal vitamins, car seats for newborns leaving the hospital, diapers, baby wipes, formula) while supplies last. Open to the community, not just clients. You can also call to join one of our virtual groups (parenting, pregnant moms, etc.), or do one Sexual Integrity virtual session and receive a $25 Wal-Mart gift card.
    • Hispanic Outreach offices are temporarily closed, but staff are working remotely, continuing to deliver services by phone, messaging and other remote methods.
    • HOPE Coalition Programs will be providing services via phone. Kids Count Open M-F, 9AM-5PM Red Wing 651-380-8627; Cannon Falls 651-764-0038. Sexual Assault Services--24 Hour Crisis & Support line 1-800-519-6690. Domestic Violence and Legal Advocacy Outreach--24 Hour Crisis & Support Line 1-800-369-5214. Haven of Hope Domestic Violence Shelter--24 Hour Crisis & Support Line 1-800-369-5214. Community Care Fund and Housing Support Services--Tues-Friday 1PM-4PM, call 651-388-9360 ext. 2 or 651-380-0609. Please leave messages outside of service times. Donations needed: disinfectant and cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, spray bottles, gloves, and masks. Please call 1-800-369-5214.
    •Kids Junction is open and is taking reservations for the Summer season. Contact Justin Plein at jjplein@rwps.org or 651-764-0266 to reserve a spot.
    • Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance is open.
    • Minnesota State College Southeast is closed to the public until further notice. Employees are teleworking and are available by phone and email. Admissions representatives are meeting with prospective students.
    • ProAct continues to operate with a reduced staff with plans to be fully operational as soon as possible. Staff is available to answer questions by calling 651-327-5610 M-Th 7AM-4PM. and Fridays 7AM-1:30PM
    • Red Cross Blood Drives are still in high demand of needing blood. Blood donation is a safe process and people should not hesitate to give and receive blood. For more information, visit www.redcross.org.
    • Red Wing Area Chamber of Commerce is open. However, our lobby is limited to 3 people. Stay up to date by visiting www.redwingchamber.com or our Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/redwingchamber
    • Red Wing Area Food Shelf is open Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4-6PM; Fridays 11AM-1PM. Stay in your car, they will bring the food to you.
    • Red Wing Area Seniors, Pier 55 is open. Mondays & Wednesdays, 9AM-2PM, Fridays 9AM-Noon. For medical equipment lending, please call 651-327-2255 or email rwadirector@gmail.com to set up an appointment.
     • Red Wing Collectors Society office will only be open Tuesdays - Thursdays, 8:30AM-5:00PM. The office will continue to operate remotely during this time with the phones being manned on Wednesdays from 1PM-4PM. Please email director@redwingcollectors.org or call or txt 651-388-4004 with any questions.
    • Red Wing Community Education & Recreation office is open. Business hours are Monday through Friday, 8AM-Noon. Please wear a mask, we have hand sanitizer for your use. Social distancing is important.
    • Red Wing Elks Lodge #845 is open. They are serving Broasted Chicken on Thursday’s dine in or take out. Broasted Fish on Friday’s for dine in or take-out. Hours are 5PM–6:30PM both evenings. They have other food on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Call 651-388-5862 for menu.
    • Red Wing Family YMCA is open 4:30AM-7PM. Childcare for essential workers is still available. KPC-Kids Power Club, is also available. Wellness center and fitness classes are open to members. Pool is open with limited space. Locker rooms, child watch, hot tub and sauna are still unavailable. Please call 651-388-4724 for details, questions, or comments.
    • Red Wing HRA offices are closed to the public. Appointments can be made by calling 651-388-7571. HRA is conducting business through email, mail, and phone calls. Maintenance is still cleaning Jordan Towers and only performing emergency work orders for residents to limit time in resident’s units. Semcac dining will deliver meals to residents’ doors if they sign up for meals, there is no dining for lunch.
    • Red Wing Ignite is open to current tenants. The building continues to be closed to the general public but access is available as needed to meet with tenants and staff. Any questions about access to the building should be sent to Shannan Harris at shannan@redwingignite.org or 651-327-2154.
    • Red Wing Public Library offers browsing appointments Mondays & Wednesdays 10AM-Noon and 3-5PM, Fridays & Saturdays 10AM-Noon. Computer & Copier appointments are available Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 10:30AM-4:30PM, Saturdays 10AM-Noon, for 55 minutes each. To book appointments visit https://redwing.lib.mn.us/ for more information and details! You'll need to wear a mask while you're in the building, but no worries, if you don't have one of your own, just ask us for one. We're limited to 10 people inside the building at any one time, so make sure you choose a time that will accommodate everyone you plan to bring with you. And, of course, curbside pickup is available for everyone who places holds, call 651-385-3645.
    • Red Wing Youth Outreach is accepting applications for emergency financial assistance for families. They have hygiene supplies, diapers, and baby wipes (limited amount) for clients. They are working on moving all Independent Living Skills Groups, Youth Advisory Council Groups, Young Mom's Group and Mentoring Sessions online. Their office is closed to the public except by appointment. Please email mandyarden@outlook.com for any services or questions. For immediate needs, please call 651-468-5677. If you are in a crisis and unsure who to call, call 211 to learn about resources available.
    • River Bluff Humane Society is open by appointment only. Call 651-388-5286 to set up appointments.
    • United Way office staff are working remotely.
    • Workforce Development, Inc. is open M-F, 8AM-4:30PM by providing services via phone, email, and mail. As a reminder their office does not handle unemployment benefits and the State doesn’t provide any unemployment staff in the CareerForce office in Red Wing; it is all done online and over the phone. For unemployment insurance call 651-296-3644 or visit www.uimn.org. Please be patient as callers may be on hold a long time.

    • Andy’s Sports Bar & Grill is open Monday – Saturday 11AM-10PM, Sunday 11AM-8PM.
    • Applebee's is open.
    • Bayside Saloon & Steakhouse is open Monday – Saturday 11AM-9PM, Sunday Noon-9PM.
    • Bev's Café is open 5AM-3PM.
    • Bierstube is open Sunday-Thursday Noon-8PM, Friday-Saturday Noon-9PM.
    • Chickadee Cottage Café is open for curbside pickup or outdoor seating Tuesday-Saturday 8AM-2PM Sunday Brunch 9AM-2PM. Call 651-345-5155 for reservations.
    • Clara's Gifts & Coffee in the St. James Hotel is closed. Scarlet Kitchen & Bar is open. The St. James Hotel is open for hotel guests.
    • Culver’s drive-thru window is open.
    • Dairy Queen drive-thru window is open 11AM-8PM. Cakes may be picked up in store.
    • Falconer Vineyards & Winery is open Saturdays and Sundays Noon-5PM, for patio seating. Call 651-380-0891 or www.falconervineyards.com/reservations to reserve your time.
    • Fiesta Mexicana is open Monday-Sunday, 11AM-8PM.
    • Hanisch Bakery & Coffee Shop is open Tuesday-Friday 6AM-5PM, Saturday’s 7AM-4PM, and has curbside service and delivery. Closed Sundays & Mondays.
    • Harbor Restaurant-Bar-Marina is open daily.
    • Hay Creek Valley Campground & Saloon (Dressen’s Saloon) restaurant and bar is open Mondays 11AM-6PM, Tuesday -Thursday 11AM–8PM, Friday & Saturdays 11AM-10PM & Sundays 11AM-7PM. For camping and reservations email pat@haycreekvalley.com.
    • Jimmy's Pub at the St. James Hotel is closed. Scarlet Kitchen & Bar is open. St. James Hotel is open for hotel guests.
    •Kelly's Tap House & Grill is open 10AM-1AM, 7 days/week.
    •LaMexicana Market and Restaurant is open Monday-Saturday 11:30AM-8PM.
    • Let Me Cheese U is open 7 days/week 11AM-9PM.
    • Liberty’s Restaurant & Lounge is open Sunday-Thursday 8AM-10PM, Friday & Saturdays 8AM-11PM.
    • Mandy's Coffee and Cafe is open Monday-Saturday 7AM-3PM.
    • Marie’s Underground Grill & Tap House is open Tuesday–Saturday 11AM-9PM.
    • McDonald’s drive-thru is open.
    • Meatheads Meats & Deli is open with take-out available from 9AM-6PM—Monday-Saturday and 10AM-2PM on Sundays. Lunch is available 11AM-2PM, take out only.
    • Perkins Restaurant & Bakery is open every day 5AM to 10PM.
    • Randys is open.
    • Red Wing Brewery is now open for dine-in and pick up services. Call in your orders to 651-327-2200 and they'll have it ready for pickup. Closed Mondays.
    • Red’s Savoy Pizza has curbside pickup & delivery 3PM-8PM every day.
    • Staghead Gastropub is open.
    • Stockholm Pie’s Pie Plate Café & Red Wing General Store is open 10AM-6PM every day.
    • The Port Restaurant at the St. James Hotel is closed. The Scarlet Kitchen & Bar is open. St. James Hotel is open for hotel guests.
    • The Scarlet Kitchen & Bar in the St. James Hotel is open for indoor and patio seating. Reservations are required, please call (651) 385-5544 to make your reservation.
    • The Smokin’ Oak Rotisserie and Grill is open Tuesday-Sunday 11AM-10PM.
    • Warm Toasties Food Truck is open. Watch their Facebook page to see where they will park daily.
    • Wiederholt’s Supper Club is open Monday-Thursday 4:30-9PM, Friday-Saturday 4:30-10PM, Sunday’s 11AM.
    • Winger Nutrition is Open Monday-Friday 7AM-3PM, Saturday’s 9AM-1PM.

    • Annadee’s Closet is open Tuesdays & Wednesdays 10AM-4PM and Fridays & Saturdays 10AM-2PM for donations and shopping. Phone 388-7031. They have free scrubs for all area healthcare workers.
    • Boxrud's Resale & Gifts/Jump The Broom Wedding Consignments is open Monday-Friday 10AM-5PM, Saturday 10AM-4PM, Sunday 11AM-4PM.
    • Buchanan Grocery is open Monday-Friday 10AM-6PM, Saturday 9AM-5PM. Sunday closed.
    • Carlson's Sport Center is open Monday-Friday, 10AM-4PM.
    • Clementine Florist is open Tuesday-Saturday 10AM-5PM. We offer curbside pick-up and delivery. We’re ready to help you with birthday, anniversary, funerals, just because, wedding flowers and our $10 mini vases. To order, call 651-800-2060. We’re located at 406 Main Street in the lobby of the St. James Hotel.
    • Cut Above Home (Red Wing) is open Monday–Friday 10AM-5PM, Saturdays 10AM-3PM, Sundays 11AM-3PM.
    • DeLeon Jewelers is Open Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM, Saturday 9AM-4PM. Thursday’s open until 6PM.
    • Duluth Trading Company is open 10AM-6PM and offers curbside pickup.
    • Fair Trade Books is open Monday-Sunday, 9AM-5PM. They offer curbside pickup and have reconfigured the bookstore to facilitate social distancing. Call 651-800-2030 or email fairtradebooksrw@gmail.com for more information.
    • Family Fare is open 6AM-10PM, 7 days per week.
    • Go Brazen is Open 10AM-4PM. Call 651-764-2561.
    • Hallstrom's Florist & Sweet Shoppe is open, but front door is closed. They are doing deliveries, or curbside pickup, call 651-388-7178. We’re happy to assist with special requests.
    • Hobgoblin Music/Stoney End Harps is open.
    • House Ford Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is open. Sales: Monday-Thursday 8:30AM-7PM Friday-Saturday 8:30AM-6PM; Parts & Service: Monday-Friday 7:30AM-5PM, Saturday 7:30AM-Noon.
    • Famous Footwear is open Monday-Saturday 10AM-6PM, Sunday’s Noon-6PM
    •Josephson's Clothing is open.
    •Koplin’s Village Market Hours, Monday–Saturday 8AM-6:30PM, Sunday–9AM–6PM
    • Malmquist Home Furnishings is open M-F, 9AM-6PM and 9AM-1PM Saturdays.
    • Oxheart Farm is a member of the Red Wing Area Farmer's Market. They’re located in Hager City and raise vegetables, meat and eggs. They have a CSA membership program where you can sign up for a weekly box of veggies. Call 651-380-6988 for more information.
    • Phileo Style is open Monday-Saturday 10AM-6PM.
    • Red Wing Ace Hardware is open Monday-Friday 7:30AM-7PM, Saturday 8AM-5PM, Sunday 9AM-4PM.
    • Red Wing Bicycle Co. & Outfitter is open. Store hours are Tues-Friday 10AM-6PM, Saturday 9AM-4PM.
    • Red Wing Chevrolet is open Sales- Mon-Thurs 8:30AM-8PM; Fri 8:30AM-6PM Sat 8:30AM-5PM. Service & Parts are open Mon-Fri 7:30AM-5PM. Sat 8:30AM-Noon.
    • Red Wing Confectionery is open 7 days per week,10AM-6PM. They offer curbside and alley side service. To place your order, call 651-212-3568.
    • Red Wing Farmers Market is open on Saturday’s 8AM-1PM at LaGrange Parking Ramp. You can still do online pre-sale ordering with contact-less drive through pick up. Pick up is on Saturdays 10AM-12PM. Order online at www.rwfarmersmarket.org/shop or call 651-301-8807.
    • Red Wing Liquors is open Monday-Friday 8AM-10PM, Sundays 11AM-6PM.
    • Red Wing Olive Oils is open Mon-Sat, 10AM-6PM.
    • Red Wing Restyle & Tootsie Too's is open, Tuesday by appointment only. Wednesday-Friday 10AM-5PM Saturday 9AM-2PM.
    • Red Wing Shoe Store is open Monday-Friday 9AM-8PM, Saturdays 9AM-6PM and Sundays 11AM-5PM.
    • Red Wing Valvoline is open Monday through Saturday, 9AM-4PM.
    • River City Carpet One is open Monday-Thursday 9AM-6PM, Friday 9AM-5PM, Saturday 9AM-1PM.
    • River Valley Power and Sport is open normal business hours. Their expert team is available by phone, email and online. They are now offering private showings and virtual appointments at all locations.
    • Runnings in Red Wing is open 9AM-6PM. Please follow their social media @myrunnings for updates.
    • Salvation Army is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday 10AM-4:30PM. Drop offs are still by appointment only.
    • Sammons Beds-N-More is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Fridays 10AM-6PM; Wednesdays & Saturdays 10AM-5PM. Please call 651-388-4432 or email at jsammon@sammonsbeds.com for assistance.
    • Sargent's Nursery Greenhouse, Garden Center and Landscape center are fully open. Visit www.sargentsnursery.com or Facebook for updates on hours. They offer curb-side pick-up and delivery.
    • Sherwin-Williams is open 7AM-5PM, Monday-Friday, 8AM-4PM Saturdays, 10AM-2PM Sundays .We will still offer curbside pickup for customers who prefer to call in their orders at 388-8278.
    • Simple Abundance is open Mon-Fri 10AM-5PM, Saturday 9AM-4PM, indoor shopping every day and curbside service.
    • Slumberland of Red Wing is open Mondays-Saturdays 10AM-6PM, Sundays 11AM-5PM.
    • Red Wing Target is open 8AM-9PM. They reserve the first hour of shopping each Tuesday & Wednesday for vulnerable guests including those over 65; pregnant women; and those with health issues. Target will maintain limits on select products.
    • Terri Cook, Norwex is open. Call or text Terri Cook at 651-380-6764 to order and arrange delivery.
    • The Creative Hand is Open Tues-Friday 10AM-3PM for walk in traffic. Appointments for private shopping available to the elderly and immune compromised. Curbside, Contact-less Pickup and Shipping. Orders/Questions can be placed by phone 651-212-6629, email or Facebook.
    • Tree Strings is open by appointment only. Text brian@treestrings.com or call (651) 388-6530 and they will set up a time to meet with you.
    • Uffda Shop is open Monday-Saturday 10AM-5PM and Sunday’s Noon-4PM.
    • Vestiges is open Thursday–Saturday 10AM-5PM. Masks required and social distancing.
    • Walmart is open from 7AM-8:30PM every day.
    • Walt's Shoe Service is open Tuesday-Friday 9AM-5PM, Saturday 9AM-Noon.
    • Wanshura Jewelers is open Tuesday-Saturday 9AM-3PM.
    • West End Liquor is open and doing deliveries and curbside pickup.
    • West End Sports Center is open normal hours for marine parts, accessories, boat and outboard repairs.
    • Whimsy's Closet is open at 325 Main Street, by appointment on Monday & Tuesday’s for personal shopping, Wednesday–Saturday 10AM-6PM and also available online at www.whimsyscloset.com
    • Wireless World is open Monday-Friday, 9AM-7PM; Saturdays 10AM-4PM and Sundays Noon-4PM. You can reserve any device and accessories online at www.wirelessworld.com and pick up curbside at the store. The My Verizon app gives you online access to just about everything you might need.
    • Wise Penny is open Monday–Saturday Noon-4PM. Donations are being accepted.

    Specialty Service
    • 1 Source Office and Facility Supply is open and supplying products including FDA certified masks, PPE and hand sanitizer for businesses including the State of MN, DHS, Prisons, Cities and Counties and deliveries are on-time. Visit https://callfirstsource.com for more information.
    • All Creatures Veterinary Clinic is open M-F, 8AM-5PM for all of your pet needs. Call 651-388-7168. We offer safe curbside service for all your pet needs.
    • Allegra Marketing Print Mail is open 8AM-5PM. We are limiting the lobby to 2 customers at a time. Please call 651-388-1111 or email info@allegraredwing.com.
    • Anchor Promotions, Apparel & Signage is open.
    • Bella Casa Design Studio is open, but encourages appointments. Please call 651-388-0307.
    • Black Dog Animal Hospital is open M-F, 8AM-5PM. If you have a prescription refill request and are a current client, you can use our prescription refill request email at blackdogrefills@gmail.com. Call us at 651-327-2700.
    • Bluffs Pet Clinic is open Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5:30PM.
    • Chandler Roofing & Construction is open 8:30AM-4:30PM. Drop Box is outside for payments and paperwork.
    • Clear Spring Farm is open by appointment only, call 651-212-8099.
    • Computers on the Go is Open by appointment, 8AM-5PM. Call 651-327-2022 or 612-282-2604 for assistance.
    • Culligan Water of Red Wing is open for service, products and delivery Mon-Fri 8AM-4:30PM and they’re available for emergencies 24/7.
    • Falk Auto Body is open. You can also call for an estimate and they will come to you. They have a key drop box and can pick up or drop off your vehicle for estimates, repairs or upon completion.
    • Fernbrook Family Center is Open and providing services. They have implemented telemedicine as an online option for patients. Call 612-212-7429 for more information.
    • Helmer printing is open and has put together some Re-Opening Essentials you might need when you’re ready to open your doors including outdoor signage, disposable products, masks, menus, products/services lists, social distancing floor decals and more. Please call Pam Deutsch with any questions at (715) 273-2113 or email pdeutsch@helmerprinting.com.
    • Hiawathaland Transit is providing public transit through Dial-A-Ride only. The hours of service are:
    Faribault – Monday – Friday 6am – 6pm / Saturday 12pm – 5pm
    Northfield - Monday – Friday 6am – 6pm / Saturday 7am – 5pm
    Red Wing - Monday – Friday 4:30am –9pm / Saturday & Sunday 7am – 5pm
    Riders wishing to access Hiawathaland public transit services must call dispatch at 866-623-7505 x1 to schedule their ride with one of our dispatch team members. Riders can schedule up to 6 days in advance or on the same day. Fares will be $1.25 per ride, and monthly route passes will be honored during this time.
    • Kevin’s Service is open. Pump #3 offers full service for your vehicle.
    • License Center is open Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM.
    • Midway Auto is Open M-F, 8AM-5PM, Saturday 8AM-Noon and 24 hours for service calls or towing.
    • Mississippi Welders Supply is open Monday-Friday 7AM-4PM. Curbside pickup is still available.
    • Moment to Moment Healing Alternatives is open. I am meeting with clients via the use of phone and/or TeleHealth services. These services include conducting alcohol/drug assessments, individual alcohol/drug counseling and Therapeutic Coaching®. Email m2mhealing.alternatives@gmail.com for more info.
    • New Image Siding & Windows is open normal hours M-F. They are taking appointments, providing estimates and working on projects while taking the necessary precautions to stay healthy. Phone is 651-345-2542.
    • Pestop/Hay Creek Lawn & Power is open. They have installed a drop box outside of their shop at 2040 Neal Street for customers to drop off any correspondence.
    • QMEDIA offices are closed to outside visitors. Please call 651-388-7151 for appointments.
    • Red Wing Coin Laundry is open. They have pickup, delivery, and curb side service available.
    • Red Wing Glass is open Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM.
    • Red Wing Republican Eagle/RiverTown Multimedia has limited office hours and staff are working remotely. Call 800-284-3402 for circulation or membership issues or www.news@rivertowns.net with news.
    • Ripley's Rental & Sales are open to support essential businesses and organizations that have been designated as critical infrastructure. Check their Facebook page for hours of operation.
    • River Bluff Humane Society is Open by appointment only. We are doing adoptions, taking in strays and dealing with impounds. Our food shelf will also be open by appt. only if people need pet food. Please call us at 651-388-5286 if you have any questions.
    • River City Car Wash is Open 24/7.
    • Riverside Automotive is open and offering, as always, free pick-up and delivery as well as no contact (key drop off, phone, text, email communication).
    • RWC Tech Solutions is open 9AM-5PM Monday-Friday, using social distance precautions. We are offering on-site and remote services. Our phone lines are open 8AM-9PM Monday-Sunday. Call 651-388-1480 or visit www.rwctechsolutions.com.
    • Ryan Glass is open.
    • Sievers Creative is open and able to assist anyone via email, phone and videoconferencing. They are helping many clients with their communication needs. Please email roger@sieverscreative.com with any questions.
    • Smith Heating is Open.
    • StarTech Computing is open. Please call 888-385-0607 or email startech@startech-comp.com.
    • Suburban Portables is open for business. Call 651-388-5201 for more information.
    • Tipp-Topp Detailing is open. Call them at 651-212-6722 or send a message. They have FREE local pickup and deliver.
    • Train of 89 Keys Locksmith is open by appointment.
    • Under the Rainbow Daycare & Early Education Center is open M-F, 5:30AM-6PM. They have openings. Call 651-388-6433 for information.
    • Wentz Accounting & Tax Services is open. Please call 651-800-2200 for appointments.
    • Wilson Oil is open Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM. closed from Noon-1PM for Lunch.

    If your business isn't on this list, please contact the Chamber office at 651-388-4719 or email patty@redwingchamber.com and we will add your information. Also, if your information has changed, please let us know.

    Business Resources for COVID-19
    Your Chamber has compiled a set of links to reputable information resources for COVID-19 awareness. MN Chamber has assembled a great guide to assist with getting back to work and best practices dealing with COVID. Visit https://www.mnchamber.com/blog/covid-19-prevention-best-practices.

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    CDC recommended guidance for employers, including advice for developing a response plan and steps that all employers can implement now.

    City of Red Wing
    Contains information and resource links for Businesses and Residents.
    Sign up for City COVID-19 notifications

    Goodhue County Public Health
    Find prevention information.

    MN Chamber of Commerce
    The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce's resources include topics such as: Keeping Workplaces Safe and Healthy; Accommodating Employees; and Economic Impacts.

    MN Retailers Association
    The Minnesota Retailers Association has launched a resource page for retailers on their website relating to COVID-19. Visit the page at https://www.mnretail.org/covid-19 for frequent state, local and federal updates as well as links to resources.

    U.S. Small Business Administration
    The U.S. Small Business Administration is offering designated states and territories low-interest federal disaster loans for working capital to small businesses suffering substantial economic injury as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

    MN Department of Health
    Prevention and preparation strategies for businesses and employers, as well as schools and daycares.

    Unemployment Insurance

    If your job status has changed as a result of COVID-19, you can apply for unemployment insurance. Apply online at https://www.uimn.org/. You do not have to wait to file, do it immediately.
    DEED is asking people to file for Unemployment Insurance based on the last number of your social security number.
    0, 1, 2—Apply on Mondays
    3, 4, 5—Apply on Tuesdays
    6, 7, 8, 9—Apply on Wednesdays
    Thursdays & Fridays are for people who missed their scheduled date.
    Visit the COVID-19 Information for Employers and Businesses page on the DEED website for more resources related to business assistance, Unemployment Insurance and FAQs.
    DEED is the state’s principal economic development agency, promoting business recruitment, expansion and retention, workforce development, international trade and community development. For more information about the agency and its services visit the DEED website or follow DEED on Twitter.

     How to Handle COVID-19 in Goodhue County
    Goodhue County Health & Human Services is still providing services with modified delivery under Governor Walz’s Stay at Home order. Please call 651-385-3200 for information on how to access services.
    Continue to monitor Goodhue County News Flash (Click here to subscribe)
    Continue to follow the best practices CDC, MDH, and your specific state and national partners are providing during this evolving process. 
    Continue to monitor the Situation Update for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)- Minnesota Case Information
    Continue following Guidance for All Minnesotans- Strategies to Slow the Spread of COVID-19 in Minnesota

    Having positive confirmed cases means we need to watch for symptoms and screen individuals. We still continue providing services.
    Screen people for cough, fever over 100.4 degrees, and shortness of breath. Send ill individuals home and have them call their health provider only if symptoms continue getting worse and they need medical care. A positive test result is not needed to follow these same best practices.
    For COVID-19 testing, patients must call their provider to be assessed. They will be directed to the next step that is appropriate for their symptoms. If a person has a sudden change in their health such as sudden onset of chest pain, difficulty breathing etc., call 911. Otherwise, call the local clinic.
    For General Public follow the CDC Interim Guidance for Risk Assessment and Public Health Management of Persons with Potential COVID-19 Exposures: Geographic Risk and Contacts of Laboratory - Confirmed Cases
    For Healthcare Personnel Exposures follow the CDC Interim U.S. Guidance for Risk Assessment and Public Health Management of Healthcare Personnel with Potential Exposure in a Healthcare Setting to Patients with Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
    Understand that we are not able to share private health care results, isolation and quarantine information, or specific patient address with others as this is protected health information.  

    Be compassionate toward any person that discloses their diagnosed or undiagnosed COVID-19 status.  Help support them to stay at home so that they can get well. If you notice threatening behaviors or feel these persons are in a risky situation or are being targeted either online or in person, seek help from local law enforcement.  Viruses Don’t Discriminate!
    Provide Care for Self and Others.
    Be mindful of scams regarding isolation and quarantine services.  Goodhue County Health and Human Services and the Minnesota Department of Health staff will always identify themselves and be able to provide proper official employee identification and contact information during any home or in-person visits.
    Reach out to your community contacts and service populations, especially youth and young adults, that this disease can impact any age group.  We also need healthy youth and adults to stay home to protect all of us, but especially health care workers, older adults, and people living with underlying medical conditions.   The sooner we all do this the quicker this disease will slow down and we can return to our new normal.

    Use and refer others to COVID-19 Hotlines:
    MDH Health Questions 651-201-3920 or 1-800-657-3903 (Currently Open 7 AM to 7 PM)
    MDH School and Child Care Questions 651-297-1304 or 1-8000-657-3504 (Currently Open 7 AM to 7 PM)
    Please share/refer community members to resources about COVID-19 in other languages.
    Enfermedad del Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) (Spanish)
    COVID-19 PSA in American Sign Language (ASL)
    2019 Novel Coronavirus  (Hmong)
    Koronafayraska Cusub ee 2019  (Somali)

    Reminder for Individuals in Need to Utilize United Way’s 211 Resource Helpline Service
    In addition to the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund, the United Way’s 211 resource helpline continues to be available 24/7 for people in need. Certified Community Resource Specialists make referrals for COVID-19 specific resources as well as local resources such as food access, financial assistance, childcare, housing, rent and other essential services. For help, dial 211, text “MNCOVID” to 898-211 or chat online at 211unitedway.org (this helpline is confidential and multilingual). Or visit www.211unitedway.org and enter your zip code to find help in your area.

    City of Red Wing Updates
    All City of Red Wing offices have been closed to the public since March 17th to reduce community transmission of COVID-19, though staff has continued to work in the buildings during the public closure.

    The Public Works office is shortening their office hours by one hour. Staff will be available to assist callers and answer emails from 8AM–4PM, Monday through Friday. You can reach our Public Work office at 651-385-3674. If your call is not answered immediately it is because our staff is assisting another caller. Please leave a message and your call will be returned as quickly as possible.

    The Solid Waste Campus office hours will remain the same. Staff are available to assist over the phone or by email from 9AM AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday.

    All parks will remain open for outdoor enjoyment and exercise. Equipment is not being sanitized.

    The Red Wing Public Library offers browsing appointments Mondays & Wednesdays 10AM-Noon and 3-5PM, Fridays & Saturdays 10AM-Noon. Computer & Copier appointments are available Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 10:30AM-4:30PM, Saturdays 10AM-Noon, for 55 minutes each. To book appointments visit https://redwing.lib.mn.us/ for more information and details. You'll need to wear a mask while you're in the building, but no worries, if you don't have one of your own, just ask us for one. We're limited to 10 people inside the building at any one time, so make sure you choose a time that will accommodate everyone you plan to bring with you. And, of course, curbside pickup is available for everyone who places holds, call 651-385-3645. If you need assistance downloading eBooks to a Kindle, or have other questions, we will be responding to phone messages between the hours of 9AM and 5PM, Monday through Friday, for the duration of the closure. You may also send questions or concerns to rwpl@selco.info.

    Sheldon Theatre box office is closed, but patrons can still reach us by email at buytickets@sheldontheatre.org to return or donate tickets to shows that were postponed due to COVID-19.

    Permits & License Permits will be issued and building inspections will still be conducted as needed.

    The Fire Department will continue to operate and respond to all emergencies. We have contingent plans in place for personnel and personal protective equipment. Before sending our crews to a call, dispatch will ask a series of questions to determine if our responders need to don equipment to protect against exposure to COVID-19. Please answer all of the dispatcher’s questions and continue to call 9-1-1 if an emergency response is needed.

    Residential Curbside & Commercial Waste Collection will continue weekly. There will be no interruption to your current weekly collection.

    The City of Red Wing will continue to offer Roll-Off & Dumpster service for garbage & yard waste disposal per the City’s current Fee Schedule to residents and businesses. If you would like to arrange for these services, please call 651-385-3658. Services will be provided on a first come first serve basis and will be dependent upon availability. Questions about the City’s Solid Waste Services can be directed to 651-385-3658.

    City Council meetings are continuing to happen with revised guidelines for safety on the second and fourth Mondays of the month at 6PM at City Hall. In keeping with our current practice, City Council meetings will continue to be shown live on Channel 6 and also taped and available for you to see anytime. To view a meeting live, just watch Channel 6 on your TV or on any device through our website (www.red-wing.org and click "Watch Channel 6"). To view a meeting anytime afterwards, go to the City website and click "Agendas and Meetings," scroll down to "Available Archives," then click the "Video" button on the far right-hand side of your screen and you're ready to watch. If you have a question and don't know who to ask, please email administration@ci.redwing.org.

    Emergency Food Response
    The Red Wing Area Food Shelf is putting plans in place to handle an increased need due to many people being laid off because of COVID-19. They are asking for monetary and food donations. Food Donations Needed include: Bread, Cereal, Peanut Butter, Jelly, Spaghetti Sauce & Noodles, Mac & Cheese, and Canned Vegetables. These donations can be dropped off on Wednesdays 9AM-3PM at the Youth Outreach Office, 410 Guernsey Lane in the Drop box by the door.

    The Red Wing Area Food Shelf is also in need of monetary donations and volunteers. For questions or to volunteer, you can email rwfoodshelf@gmail.com. The Food Shelf is open to the public Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4-6PM and Fridays 11AM-1PM and is located at 1755 Old West Main in Red Wing.

    MN/WI Bridge Project
    Work on the bridge project continues. Keep up to date by checking their Facebook page www.facebook.com/RedWingBridgeProject/. Learn more about the project at MnDOT’s project website www.dot.state.mn.us/d6/projects/redwing-bridge/


  • Take2 Red Wing Shoe Manufacturing video


    Click the link below to see all of the videos in the series

    Manufacturing Video Series

    The Red Wing Area Chamber of Commerce​ teamed up with the Red Wing Area Manufacturers Association​, ADM​, Neufeldt Industrial Services​, McCord Executive Search, LLC​, Red Wing Port Authority​ and SCS Elevator Products Inc.​ to sponsor this project featuring 11 local manufacturers produced by PromoVideo​. These informative 2 minute videos tell the stories of these local companies and show how their products are produced, marketed, sold and distributed. Thank you to the companies that cooperated with us and are featured in these videos.




    Looking for more information about Red Wing? Visit this community landing page for more information www.redwinginfo.com



    Ribbon Cutting & Grand Opening
    203 Plum Crazy
    October 23
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     Bags, Beers, Burgers & Bean-O
    October 27
    Red Wing Elks Lodge #845

    Lunch & Learn
    November 12
    Three Reasons You Should Still Care About Tobacco Use in the Workplace 
    VIA Zoom 


  • August 6 - 8, 2021

    FREE Entertainment All Weekend,

     Arts & Crafts, Parade,

    Taste of Red Wing, River City Ramble,

     Commercial Vendors, Family Activities,

                                               Tournaments, AND SO MUCH MORE!





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